Quizzers love the colourful answer sheets, the topical questions, the wide variety of question types and the stunning picture round that looks like it could have come from a high end glossy magazine.


The quiz presenters appreciate the professionally printed question booklet, the great questions, the scripted questions, and the additional information provided to support answers, add a little humour or just make the question master look like they are the font of all knowledge!


The publican will love Kwiz Master because he can get everything in one easy to use package, reliably delivered in an easily identified envelope. Kwiz Master is a quiz package that is visually impressive with entertaining topical questions, a pub quiz to keep customers returning week after week.


Why Choose Kwiz Master


Ease of use -  Kwik Mark NCR answer sheets dramatically reduce the quiz masters workload as teams can swap answer sheets or even mark their own answer sheets, without cheating! 


Quality – The Kwiz Master Snapshot round as quite simply the best quality picture round available, more the quality expected in a glossy magazine than a pub quiz.. Well designed answer sheets and presenters question booklet clearly demonstrate that Kwiz Master is head and shoulders above quiz night packages offered by other suppliers.


Questions – with Daily Editions and the choice of 4 skill levels / interest groups each day we can tailor your quiz night to meet the requirements of your customers.


Some Key Points


    •  Well designed attractive Kwiz Master answer sheets

    •  Kwik Mark self carbonating answer sheets to reduce the presenter’s workload

    •  Glossy Magazine Style Picture Round

    •  Topical Questions

    •  Daily Editions – a new quiz each day

    •  Choice of four skill levels



Kwiz Master Format


Round 1 In The News

10 topical quiz questions covering everything from world affairs, to sport and celebrity and of course where possible nothing beats a little humour or scandal!


Round 2 Connections

Two quiz questions that pose a question or a statement of fact,  all the quizzer has to do is identify the five answers to each question that are correct.


Round 3 Pot Luck

Exactly as it says on the tin – 10 questions that can cover a huge range of subjects from Abba to Zoololgy and everything in between including history, geography, sport, motoring, fashion, celebrity, cookery, entertainment and more.


Round 4 Snapshot and Identity Parade.

Simply the best pub picture quiz Snapshot 10 stunning high resolution photos all with the appropriate copyright clearances covering everything from maps, to the latest celebrity sightings, film and TV stills to landmarks and everyday items viewed from slightly different items.


Identity Parade

Identify the five people, places objects and maybe what links them. The subjects could be as diverse as a cast photograph or a map.


Round 5 Top Rank

Compile a list of answers for the question or statement that will be read out. 


Round 6 Double or Drop

Play it safe or take a chance – 10 general knowledge questions with each correct answer worth 2 points – but get just one answer wrong and you loose the lot! Of course if you’re unsure of the answer just leave it blank.



Round 7 Clued Up!

The final question of the night and that opportunity to snatch the lead at the end of the home straight. Are you going to gamble on a hunch or wait for an extra clue ?


Weekly Package Contents:


    •  Quiz Master’s Question Booklet

    •  Question Master’s Score Sheet

    •  20 A4 full colour answer sheets sets*

    •  20 Full colour high quality picture rounds*