Brain Teaser is very much a premium pub quiz product for venues that are looking to put on a quality quiz night.  A quiz night format that will help you significantly grow and maintain your quiz night trade over the long term.


Everything about Brain Teaser shouts quality, from the well researched questions, topical content to the stunning print and paper quality of the Brain Teaser answer sheets handed out to the pub customers to the question masters booklet. 



Some Key Points


    •  Professionally designed high quality full colour answer sheets

    •  Full colour high picture round with stunning resolution and clarity

    •  Daily Editions – new quizzes each day*

    •  Four skill levels available – meet the requirements of YOUR customers.

    •  Answer sheets customised to venue and event



Why choose Brain Teaser?


You simply want the best pub quiz night available, with the highest production standards, but one that doesn’t cost a king’s ransom. Put simply you appreciate that paying an extra pound or two so per week can have a massive difference to quality of your quiz night and the positive impact that can have on your business.  


Even if you attracted just two additional people to your quiz night you would be quids in, although we are confident that running Brain Teaser as your quiz night would attract considerably more!



Quiz Format


Round 1 In A Spin

A pair or anagrams to test the grey matter during the first half of the quiz.


Round 2 Headliners

10 bang up to date questions covering the latest events in news, sport, music and entertainment and maybe a touch of scandal!


Round 3 Five From Eight

Two questions in this round, match the five answers that are correct, from the eight possibilities given.


Round 4 Identity Parade

5 questions based around a high quality photo or photographs, identify the people, places or objects and possibly what links them.


Round 5 Under Pressure

10 questions to answer and only 5 minutes to do it. The questions could be on anything and everything from ants to Zurich or David Hasselhof to Kylie Minogue’s hits.


Half Time  - a time to collect in the answers sheets, refresh glasses and wait for the half time scores on the doors!


Round 6 Picture Round

10 great quality photos, illustrations and much more. Of course we have the usual celebrity photos, in pin sharp detail of course but also maps, objects, animals, logos, symbols and more.


Round 7 Double or Drop

A time to maybe gamble a little on your knowledge – double points for each correct answer in this round although get one wrong and you loose the lot!


Round 8 Top Rank

Compile a list of answers for the question or statement that will be read out.


Round 9 Pot Luck

This round is pretty much as it says on the tin – 10 questions chosen at random from our huge database of questions .


Round 10 Who Or What Am I

We are now at the last question of the quiz, a five clue question to identify an event, place, object or person. 10 Points if you get the answer right on the first clue but only 2 points if you get in right on the final clue – get it wrong and you will lose the number of points you have claimed.


Weekly Package Contents:


    •  Question Master’s question booklet

    •  Question Masters Score sheet

    •  20 full colour personalised to venue and event answer sheets.

    •  Integrated full colour picture round


In addition a point of sale package including posters , table talkers etc is available at the start of the subscription period.