The Grid is a hybrid quiz featuring the random number game play of Quizgo with the ease of presentation of a more conventional pub quiz format.  The Grid can be used as a stand alone quiz, can be run as two games on one night or as part of a "pick ‘n’ mix" quiz night in conjunction with Snap Shot, Forty Question Challenge and Quizgo Hot Shot.

Each player has their own randomly numbered, self-duplicating NCR answer sheet, although they may still join with others to form a team with each team member having their own answer sheet.  Each Grid quiz answer sheet has 24 normal boxes and one “Wildcard Square” in the middle.  The question master asks 26 questions and the competitors simply write their answers in the corresponding boxes.

When all the questions have been asked competitors simply hand the self-duplicating security copy to the quiz master and the answers are read out in a random order.  The line winner is the first person to have a line of correct answers from top to bottom or left to right across the answer sheet or alternatively a diagonal line passing through the centre square.  The remainder of the answers are then read out and players total their score, the person who has the highest score wins The Grid.